With Yahoo and MySpace rolling over, Facebook wins the social network war

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By Sebastian Anthony, Download squad

First up, Yahoo rescinds almost its entire social network presence in favor of Facebook Connect. And now, the rumors that MySpace would drop their social focus and aim towards a network based on content and entertainment seem to be playing out: MySpace are linking up with Facebook Connect. There’s a lot of juicy info to be had over on the Inside Facebook article, but it seems like MySpace and Facebook could become very tightly entwined, with Facebook managing your profile and MySpace becoming the content provider — the quizzes, the games, the music, the movie trailers.

It would appear that, except for Google and their Friend Connect, social networks are bowing out from their competition with Facebook. With their recently-announced usage figures and their ever-climbing membership that recently hit 350 million, that’s probably a smart move. This was a war that never really heated up, and ultimately had a very predictable outcome. Facebook rule supreme. Microsoft own a sizable share in Facebook, incidentally.

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Facebook plans to introduce “lite” version

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By Jay Hathaway, Downloadsquad


A large number of Facebook users received a message yesterday, telling them they’d been invited to test something called Facebook Lite. The messages turned out to be an accident, and the users who received them couldn’t sign up. Because nobody’s seen it yet, there’s still a lot of speculation about what Facebook Lite actually is.

Facebook’s recent acquisition of FriendFeed has led some people to believe that Facebook Lite is a bare-bones, status-updates-only version of Facebook, designed to compete with Twitter. Although this would make some sense, TechCrunch says it’s the wrong answer. Based on information that Facebook Lite is already being tested in India, they’re reporting that Facebook Lite is just a slimmer, low-bandwidth version of the site, targeted for users whose Internet connections are too slow to properly use the current version.

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Now on Twitter, Facebook, 65-Year-Old Smokey the Bear Is Young at Heart

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 Nearly everyone is familiar with the big, brown, fuzzy bear who reminds us that “Only you can prevent forest fires.”

 The U.S. Forest Service mascot celebrates his 65th birthday in August 2009.smokey the bear

(ABC News Photo Illustration)

The sweet, but serious Smokey, also known as Smokey the Bear, is America’s most well-known wildfire prevention icon, and today, people across the nation are honoring Smokey on his 65th birthday.

The U.S. Forest Service mascot represents one of the longest running public service announcement campaigns in U.S. history and has taken his popularity to a new level.

Now, kids can interact with Smokey and the Forest Service through interactive games and programs on the USFS Web site.

Smokey also has a fan page on Facebook with more than 7,000 fans. Several Smokey the Bear groups are also sprinkled throughout Facebook, such as “I Support Smokey the Bear” and the “Smokey the Bear Fan Club.”

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Facebook announces upcoming homepage redesign

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By Brad Linder – Downloadsquad.com


Facebook plans to launch a new homepage, with a focus on activity streams. The social networking site has long had a section called the “news feed” which provides updates from your network of contacts. But the difference between that feed and the new stream is that users will start seeing updates on their homepages in real time.

You’ll also be able to adjust what’s displayed in your activity stream by using a navigation menu on the left side of the screen to filter results by groups or specific applications. For example, if you only want information about what books your friends have read recently, you just click on the appropriate app in the sidebar.

Facebook is also making Pages more like user profiles, which means you can get status updates from page owners. This will also let users have more than 5,000 friends by creating a Page.

The new features will be available via a preview page later today. The goal is to push them out to all users next Wednesday.

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