Palm lays the smack down on Pre theme for Android

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By Chris Ziegler, Engadget


Android’s supposed to be all about peace, love, and openness, but that apparently doesn’t exempt it from copyright law and trigger-happy general counsels (who knew?). In a move that should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone, Palm has sicced its legal team on the makers of the aptly-named “Palm Pre Android Theme” that borrows icons, wallpapers, and mojo (not to be confused with Mojo) directly from webOS. The concerns center around the usual suspects — graphics copyrights and trademark infringement — and the company is demanding that they cease use of the Pre’s interface, name, and all that good stuff by some date that’s been redacted from the leaked letter (we’re assuming it’s soon). To be fair, Palm comes out and says that it “appreciates that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery,” but at the end of the day, they’re concerned about the potential for consumer confusion. Interestingly, to the best of our knowledge, they haven’t given the iPhone-based theme the same treatment — but hey, maybe it’s easier to confuse a Hero with a Pre than it is an iPhone… or something.

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Palm Treo Pro available today from Sprint

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By Chris, Mobilewhack


It looks like Sprint is really hot today. We’ve seen the Rumor 2 and the Moto i9 which were officially released today and they got a decent companion, the Palm Treo Pro.

The Treo Pro will be available to you starting today for $299.99 before a $100 mail-in rebate but only with an Everything Plan or data plan of $30 or more. What do you think? Is it worth getting the Treo Pro today when the Pre is coming this summer?

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Telefonica to Bring the Pre to Europe and Latin America

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By Chris, Mobilewhack


We don’t have all the details yet but it looks like Telefonica has scored the deal of the year with Palm. The Spanish carrier will bring the Pre to Spain this year but the deal doesn’t stop there. The carrier also operates in the UK as O2 and in Latin America as Movistar. That means Telefonica will have quite a market to sell the Pre to. What say you Vodafone? Are you going to get the Pre too?

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Palm betting on Palm Pre as savior

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By Will Park,


Maybe “savior” is a bit much. Palm (NSDQ: PALM) still has a loyal following of Treo-fans that will support Palm to the end. But there’s no denying that Palm needs a fantastically successful handset to rescue them from the depths of financial ruin. Palm’s financial standing has been rocky of late, what with their declining market share and bleeding bottom line.

Perhaps Palm does need a savior. Will the Palm Pre be enough?

Palm faces an uphill battle, following an announcement that has Palm expecting third quarter revenue of $85 million to $90 million, which falls well short of Wall Street’s $150 million projections. Palm has ironically cannibalized its own Treo and Centro sales with all the hype generated around the Palm Pre, giving many potential Treo buyers reason to wait out the remaining few months until the Palm Pre goes live on Sprint (NYSE: S). Unfortunately, recent financial hardships have left Palm in a less-than-optimal position to weather disappointing financial performance. Palm only has $215 – $220 million in cash reserves to keep its daily operations running, and expects operational costs to run between $95 million and $100 million in the third quarter. Clearly, Palm is running out of cash.

To help give the company a little more wiggle room, Palm today made 18.5 million shares of Palm stock publicly available. The move injects a cool $49 million into Palm’s corporate coffers, an effort aimed to give Palm the wherewithal to turn the Palm Pre into the rejuvenating success that Palm desperately needs it to be. Elevation Partners, Palm’s heaviest investor, also benefits from the deal with an option to buy the newly available stock.

With cash reserves dwindling, and selling off its own positions to help cover operational costs, it’s clear that Palm is banking on the Palm Pre to rescue the company’s bottom line. The Palm Pre has been hyped since early this year, and the public has responded quite well. Packed with the high-tech hardware that appeals to geeks and powered by the sleek and intuitive touch-based WebOS, the Palm Pre may have what it takes to revive Palm. But, will that savior come in time?

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Palm Needs $49 Million for the Pre Project

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By Chris,


Palm seems mentally ready to launch the Pre, but does it have all that much needed money to fund the Pre project? Palm has just decided to remarket around 18.5 million common shares which underlie preferred stock and warrants that Elevation Partners bought back in January.

If everything goes well, Palm will get $49 million, more than plenty “to further bolster the resources Palm is devoting to the launch of the Palm Pre and future product-development efforts.” Elevation Partners will also get $49 million, exactly the price it initially paid for the same shares. Let’s hope the Pre is worth all that money then! We wouldn’t want to see Palm taken out of the cellphone business by a promising handset that failed to confirm.

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Sprint CEO: Google Phone Coming, Will Launch Palm Pre When Ready (S)

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By Dan Frommer

What’s next for Sprint Nextel?

Palm’s (PALM) Pre smartphone — due before the end of June — is the most anticipated new Sprint phone. But the company is still working with Google (GOOG) on an Android-based phone, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse assured us today in an interview.Palmpre

Hesse wouldn’t offer specifics on the Android phone, such as when it would be available. But he suggested it will not be tied to Sprint’s nascent 4G WiMax network, which the company spun into Clearwire (CLWR) late last year.

How about the Palm Pre? Hesse says Sprint (S) has “high expectations” for the gadget, hoping it can please both consumer and business customers. He says it’s still on schedule to launch in the first half of 2009, but that Sprint wants to make sure they really got it right before they launch it.

We — and Palm’s shareholders, who are counting on the Pre to rejuvenate the company — hope that doesn’t mean it’ll face any meaningful delays. Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone 3G and RIM’s (RIMM) BlackBerry Storm both suffered launch bugs that would have best been ironed out before the gadgets went on sale.

Sprint shares are up 27% today after the company announced Q4 results this morning that suggested Hesse’s turnaround plan may be working.

Source: businessinsider

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Sprint locks down the Palm Pre for all of 2009

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Palm Pre

Sprint Nextel has exclusive U.S. rights to sell Palm’s hotly anticipated Pre phone through the end of 2009, a person familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

Sprint [PALM 7.36 -0.27 (-3.54%) ], which also reported a narrower-than-expected quarterly loss on Thursday, saw its shares rise leap almost 20 percent to $3.25 Thursday.

The person, who asked not to be named, said the exclusivity period for the phone lasts at least through the end of 2009. The person did not comment beyond this year.

Neither Sprint nor Palm have not announced how long the exclusivity period would last for the touchscreen phone, due to go on sale in the first half of the year.

The device, viewed as a potentially strong competitor to Apple’s [AAPL 90.64 -3.73 (-3.95%) ] iPhone, is expected to help Sprint in its efforts stem customer losses.

Many analysts see the Pre as Palm’s best chance to improve its weak market position as it has been losing customers to iPhone and BlackBerry from Research In Motion [RIMM 42.09 -0.01 (-0.02%) ].

When the Pre was announced in January, some analysts were disappointed that Sprint would be the exclusive provider because the No. 3 U.S. mobile operator has been losing customers to rivals for the last few years.

Palm shares [PALM 7.36 -0.27 (-3.54%) ] were down over 2 percent after the news.

Source: cnbc

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Palm Pre no longer features data tethering on Sprint website

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by Doug Aamoth


Perhaps we shouldn’t read too far into this, but here’s what happened. The technical specifications on for the Palm Pre used to list “Phone as modem” with Bluetooth and USB tethering as a feature. Now, however, that feature is gone. You’ll recall that earlier this week, Sprint announced its Simply Everything Plan + Mobile Broadband for $150 per month.

Hopefully the recent plan announcement and the supposed removal of the tethering feature isn’t a coincidence. If people had been thinking they could get a Pre for, say, $99 per month for voice, data, and tethering only to be saddled into shelling out an extra $50 per month just to tether, that’d be a big problem for Sprint. The company needs to make up for the 1.3 million subscribers it just lost. I’m no Dan Hesse, but touting built-in tethering as a feature of the Pre and then removing it might not be a great way to do attract customers.

Again, this might be nothing. The phone isn’t even out yet. Let’s hope you can tether with the Pre, though. Sprint desperately needs a gotta-have-it phone with a gotta-have-it plan.

Source: crunchgear

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Google Engineer Talks About Keys To Success Of Mobile Webapps

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By James Quintana Pearce

The success of mobile web browsing will come with the ability to use it offline and as an application platform, according to Google (NSDQ: GOOG) engineering VP Vic Gundotra. He said the iPhone is successful because its browser is based on the WebKit browser engine: “Browsers based on WebKit, which also run on the HTC G1 and the Palm (NSDQ: PALM) Pre, change the game and drive usage because they do more than just browse the web – they also provide a platform for applications,” Gundotra is quoted as saying in TelecomAsia.

WebKit supports standards that let web-based applications run normally off-line or in airplane mode, and “the significance of this is that it means you can build an app that runs on any device and any OS as long as the browser supports HTML5.” This could be an indication of how Google will bring applications to handsets: Everyone picked up on the demo of a Gmail app that lets people view their e-mail offline; Computerworld also notes a demonstration of a Palm Pre “running a webapp version of Google Maps coded entirely in HTML5. It acted exactly like you would expect a stand-alone app to act including multi-touch functionality like pinching, panning and zooming…The Google Maps webapp relies on HTML5’s AppCache, GeoLocation and Database standards to keep the offline app running when there is no Internet connection, such as when traveling in an airplane or out of cellular range.”


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