With Yahoo and MySpace rolling over, Facebook wins the social network war

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By Sebastian Anthony, Download squad

First up, Yahoo rescinds almost its entire social network presence in favor of Facebook Connect. And now, the rumors that MySpace would drop their social focus and aim towards a network based on content and entertainment seem to be playing out: MySpace are linking up with Facebook Connect. There’s a lot of juicy info to be had over on the Inside Facebook article, but it seems like MySpace and Facebook could become very tightly entwined, with Facebook managing your profile and MySpace becoming the content provider — the quizzes, the games, the music, the movie trailers.

It would appear that, except for Google and their Friend Connect, social networks are bowing out from their competition with Facebook. With their recently-announced usage figures and their ever-climbing membership that recently hit 350 million, that’s probably a smart move. This was a war that never really heated up, and ultimately had a very predictable outcome. Facebook rule supreme. Microsoft own a sizable share in Facebook, incidentally.

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Myspace for BlackBerry gets updated to v1.5

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By Greg Kumparak, Mobilecrunch.com


Not looking the soon-to-be-released Facebook for BlackBerry v1.5 get all the glory, Myspace has gone and loosed v1.5 of their own application. Our BlackBerry handset is giving us all sorts of trouble right now, so we’re not having any luck testing it out for ourselves – so let us know in the comments how it is.

What’s new:

· Friend Updates: Users can now view their MySpace Friend Updates from within the application, and click on a thumbnail of a photo in the Friend Updates to be taken to a full screen version

· Enhanced updates and messaging: Instantaneous mobile notifications and messaging (no lag time between receiving a message online and on mobile). Users can also save a composed message/bulletin as a draft, delete and open a saved draft message to edit/send the message, and view or hide sent items

· Enhanced band profiles: Bands can add tour dates and more profile bits to their profiles, like Upcoming Shows (displays more details on the show such as venue, date, address and cost)

· Support for French, German, Italian and Spanish languages

Grab the new app at mobile.blackberry.com if you’re on your BlackBerry, or blackberry.com/myspace if you’d rather get it through your desktop.

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Will A Credit Card Solve MySpace’s Woes? Who Cares, Get Free Music.

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By Leena Rao – Techcrunch.com


MySpace may be in deep trouble, but that isn’t stopping them from capitalizing on middle America (and Los Angeles), which still rampantly loves the site. You can now get a MySpace branded credit card and rack up points to download free music on the site.

MySpace and Citi are offering the Citi Forward/MySpace credit card. In an economy where signing up for a credit card is hardly a popular move, the card is being branded “fiscally and socially responsible,” designed to help a younger generation of users maintain healthy credit. The card lowers the purchase interest rate by a quarter of a per cent when customers use credit wisely.

The card also lets users redeem MySpace points for free song downloads, offers contests and access to shows, music concerts and other events. Card members receive 50 free music downloads after the first expenditure on the card. Users can also track their spending and learn about fiscal responsibility on a Citi Forward/MySpace page within the network. And users can accumulate additional points by participating in socially responsible acts such as using energy efficient light bulbs or volunteering (though it is unclear how this will be measured and monitored).

MySpace has the potential to make some cash from this partnership. Credit card companies pay businesses referral fees for signing up new cardholders and with MySpace’s 75-million-plus U.S. members, this could turn into a viable monetization plan if this is part of the agreement between Citi and MySpace (MySpace wouldn’t comment on the financial terms of the Citi partnership).

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Details on the Sidekick 2009’s camera revealed

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By Peter Ha


Details and specs on the Sidekick 2009 are slowly emerging and today we’ve got some info on the camera. It’s getting a bump up to 3.2-megapixels for a max resolution of 2038×1536. Danger and Sharp (assuming they’ll manufacture the 2009) have finally included a flash. Direct uploading to MySpace, Photobucket (What about Flickr?) and YouTube have been enabled and video recording could is set for 15fps, but could be bumped up. Oh, there’s a new AF mechanism and geotagging is supported. In other words, the Sidekick’s camera has finally caught up to the rest of the pack.

Source: mobilecrunch

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MySpace Inches Closer To Offering Full-Fledged Webmail Service

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By Jason Kincaid

Last month we reported that MySpace was planning to launch a webmail service – a move that could instantly make it one of the web’s largest Email providers (provided a substantial portion of its users took advantage of the feature). Today we’ve received a number of tips that MySpace has introduced some new messaging features that indicate that the transition is well underway. Most notably, the site now allows users to send a message to multiple friends at once, as seen in the shot below.

The feature works as advertised: as users begin typing their friends’ names, an autocomplete window opens with a list of matches. Each picture in the ‘To’ line is a link to that user’s MySpace profile, which makes it easier to confirm that you’re messaging the right friend.


While the company wouldn’t comment on its webmail plans, MySpace has confirmed that the new feature launched today, and also detailed some of the other upgrades to the site’s messaging functionality. The site now offers an at-a-glance view of your sent messages so you can see if your friends have read them (frankly I find this feature to be a little creepy, but it’s not uncommon in standard Email clients). Users will also be able to attach video files to their outgoing messages.

Of course, while the site’s interface may be gradually moving towards that of most webmail clients, it is still missing one key feature: users don’t have a dedicated name@myspace.com Email address yet, so they can’t receive incoming mail. But as we noted last month, the company has started moving its corporate Email addresses from name@MySpace.com to the domain MySpace-inc.com, paving the way for users to occupy the name@MySpace.com addresses.

We should note that Facebook has also been slowly adding features to its messaging platform. While we haven’t heard anything directly related to a Facebook webmail application, the site clearly strives to be a central hub for social communication on the web, so it wouldn’t be surprising if it has similar aspirations (especially if MySpace’s experiment goes well).

Source: techcrunch

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Bebo Zeroes In On Lifestreaming For The Masses; Gets Massive Bump From AIM Profiles

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by Erick Schonfeld

bebo-bIn the first of several major product changes that will sweep through AOL in the coming months, the company is adding more lifestreaming capabilities to its Bebo social network today, including activity stream updates from rival social networks Facebook and MySpace. It is also introducing a visual timeline called a “Lifestory” that puts uploaded photos, events, and (soon) videos into a scrollable, chronological series of postage stamp icons at the top of members’ profile pages. Eventually, people will be able to subscribe to other Lifestories, including those from brands and bands, and embed them in their own profile pages or elsewhere. The timeline will also become the centerpiece of a Bebo iPhone app coming out soon.

The new features should all help to reinvigorate a site that has been in the doldrums lately. But Bebo’s biggest boost will come later this week when AOL migrates all of its AIM Profiles members over to Bebo on Wednesday and Thursday. This single move will more than double Bebo’s presence in the U.S., where AIM Profiles is even bigger than Bebo. According to comScore, Bebo’s unique U.S. visitors have been in decline the past few months to 5 million in January, whereas AIM Profiles has seen an upswing to 8.5 million. (See chart below). Worldwide, Bebo has 22.6 million monthly visitors.


At the center of AOL’s new product strategy is its “Lifestream Platform.” Think of it as FriendFeed for the masses, with personal AIM updates mixed in. Already, Bebo members are able to keep up with their friends’ activities on other sites, such as Flickr, Twitter and Delicious. Now Facebook, MySpace and YouTube are being supported as well. Whenever any of your friends do something on these services, their activity stream shows up on your Bebo page. Once you link an account to Bebo, it automatically keeps track of all of your new friends on that service as well. (The technology is based on AOL’s acquisition of Socialthing! last summer).

If you are an AIM member, all of your AIM buddies now seamlessly appear on Bebo. And through Bebo’s recently launched Social Inbox, you can get all of your lifestream updates, instant messages, and email in one massive feed.

But is this a capitulation to the two big social networks out there? No, says David Liu, the senior vice president and general manager of AOL’s People Networks:

We are not trying to connect everybody to everybody—that is Facebook—just to the content and people important to them.

Bebo is just the beginning. He plans on rolling out the Lifestream platform across revamped versions of AOL’s IM clients (AIM and ICQ), mobile apps, and even other Websites later this year. Regardless of any second thoughts that AOL may have had after buying Bebo, it is a central part of its strategy today. AOL has a huge and active group of millions of IM users that it has been wanting to turn into a social network for years. Now it has a place for them to create profiles and interact, but more importantly it can take the central communication model of social networks—the lifestream—and pour it back into its IM clients.

It is an ambitious undertaking. But will AOL’s take on lifestreaming be compelling enough to keep existing members from leaving? And more importantly, will it be compelling enough to attract new members from eleswhere on the Web?


Source: techcrunch

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After MySpace And Facebook, Oodle To Power Brand New AOL Classifieds

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by Robin Wauters

oodleClassifieds aggregation service provider Oodle is on a roll and definitely one of the startups worth following closely this year. After signing up two social networking juggernauts – both MySpace and Facebook – the company is now apparently also behind the just launched AOL Classifieds platform, per blog post by Greg Sterling.

The news comes right after a significant financing round announced earlier this month, when 3 VC firms invested $5.6 million in the company, bringing the total in funding raised to a healthy $21.6 million. Meanwhile, its traffic continues to surge (see Crunchbase profile for some upward-pointing visitor number graphs).

I would be very surprised if Oodle ends 2009 without being acquired for a price that puts a big smile on the faces of their investors.

For context, from the release:

AOL Classifieds is expected to serve as a platform for sellers to promote their listings by leveraging the reach of Oodle’s network of more than 250 partner sites.Buyers can expect to find deals with access to more than 40 million listings aggregated from more than 80,000 different sites. In addition, AOL Classifieds links consumers directly to classifieds listings on other properties within the AOL network, including AOL Autos, AOL Jobs, AOL Personals, and AOL Real Estate.

AOL Classifieds is the latest addition to the AOL Local Network, which is an online local network with a monthly reach of 54 million unduplicated unique visitors.In addition to the launch of AOL Classifieds in the U.S., a site for Canada is also available beginning today. An AOL Classifieds site for the UK will be launching later this week.

aol oodle

Source: techcrunch

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Forget About Those Leaked Downloads, Listen To A Single From U2’s New Album on MySpace Music

Posted on February 20, 2009. Filed under: Tech News | Tags: , |

by Erick Schonfeld

myspace musicI’m not sure if this was moved up in response to leaked copies of U2’s newest album, No Line On The Horizon spreading across the Internet, but the entire the album will be streamed for free at MySpace Music. The player in U2’s MySpace Music page featires a single, but if you click on the top album in the sidebar, you can hear the entire thing. MySpace says that the entire album will be streamed from February 20 to March 3, with links to pre-order it.

This is akin to Radiohead offering a free download of their album In Rainbows for a limited time, except without the download. It is good marketing, at it helps the band try to keep control over distribution. Although, that Bittorrent cat is already out of the bag. (The unreleased album leaked out and has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times by fans who just can’t wait for U2’s perfectly planned release schedule.

Update: MySpace says the timing of the streamed release was planned all along. Listening to it now. U2 still rocks (or maybe I’m just old).

Source: techcrunch

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