BlackBerry “Niagara” 9630 given yet another pre-release shakedown

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By Jacob Schulman, Engadget


RIM’s just full of leaks when it comes to the purported next CDMA BlackBerry, and as long as they’re not memory leaks, we don’t think we’ll be complaining. CrackBerry has somehow managed to secure yet another pre-release device, and this time it’s none other than the CDMA Bold / Curve 8900 / Storm hybrid. Like we saw with the latest Mr. Blurrycam video review (and all those other leaked pics) the keyboard sure looks to be a real winner and to quote CB, it’s “the optimal solution.” The form factor is also described as “awesome” and its narrower size made it even nicer to hold than the Bold. Unfortunately, this particular device was running — or trying to run — OS, which is basically a dummy phone equivalent at this point, while .17 is purportedly available somewhere in the Great White North. We’ve heard that the hardware has indeed been finalized, and that RIM is mass producing these like crazy — and if they can get the software to match what we’ve seen of the hardware, it looks like they’re going to have another winner on their hands.

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BlackBerry Gemini 8325 in the wild

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By Chris Ziegler, Engadget


Something tells us this isn’t the most anticipated yet-to-be-announced BlackBerry at the moment, but RIM’s all about choice — and, yeah, it remains to be seen who’s going to choose the Gemini 8325 when it ends up shipping. The supposed Curve 8300 successor (we thought that was the 8900, silly us) will mope along with the same EDGE data that powers the old model, suggesting that it’ll hang out on the low end of the BlackBerry stable — especially by the time it’s actually released, whenever that happens to be. It’s rumored to run BlackBerry OS 5.0 and feature a QVGA display, 802.11b / g / n (yes, n), and a meager 2 megapixel camera, so needless to say, the Bolds of the world can rest easy for a while longer that their dominance in the QWERTY GSM BlackBerry game isn’t in question just yet.

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Peek arrives for small businesses in $149 5-pack

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By Darren Murph, Engadget


As Peek continues to poke, prod and experiment in order to find the best niche(s) to serve, it has now pushed out a sweetly priced 5-pack designed for small businesses. Reportedly, “lots” of these smaller operations have been looking for “more affordable solutions” to everyone toting BlackBerry devices, and this is Peek’s answer to that so-called demand. The offer, which delivers five Peek email-only handhelds for $149.95, is set to expire on April 3rd, and business owners should still be aware that each handset will require a $19.95 monthly fee to stay connected. Peek’s David Madden has informed us that this offer is just the tip of the iceberg, noting that it has “a few more tricks up its sleeves for the SMB market.” We’re literally on the edge of our seats here — aren’t you?

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BlackBerry 9900 Picture Fake?

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By Chris, Mobilewhack


The BlackBerry 9900 Pluto we’ve shown you earlier here seems to have already been proven a fake. It looks like the Pluto has the mic hole from a BlackBerry 8800 on the bottom. Is that enough proof? Does that mean the Rogers isn’t going to unveil a new RIM phone soon? Are we to assume that the Pluto is still coming? Would RIM care to comment on that?

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BlackBerry 9630 Niagara pops up in more glamorous spy shots

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By Ross Miller, Engadget


Ladies and gentlemen, we now present even more shots of the CDMA-equipped BlackBerry 9630 Niagara that was caught strutting its stuff earlier this month. Not only is the phone turned on this time, but we’ve also caught it lying across some shagadelic leopard print. Additionally, the fine folks over at the Crackberry forums have a couple of less stylish pics, allegedly uploaded by someone trying to hawk the phone on craigslist for a cool $800. Those images show off what appears to be a battery slot on the back that’s slimmer than current models. Until RIM decides to give us some official visuals, we remain ever-hopeful that someone with the leaked phone manages a sexier photo shoot. More spy shots, including that of the mobile’s underside, after the break.

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BlackBerry 9900 “Pluto” spotted in leaked Rogers documents?

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By Jacob Schulman, Engadget


What’s this little gem? According to a confidential / potentially dubious Rogers document landed by CrackBerry, it might be the BlackBerry 9900 — or Pluto for you codename-loving types. Interestingly enough, this devices happens to look just like a Storm / Bold / 8900 Franken-Berry that we first caught wind of in October, packing a full QWERTY and a SurePress touchscreen like the one found in the Storm. We can’t say for sure this is anything more than a clever Photoshop — and that little “see page 99” bit on the bottom seems a bit too convenient of a number for our tastes. The trackball’s noticeably absent from the four main navigation buttons, so we’re already getting a little afraid of having to retain our BrickBreaker skills, but if any of you RIM insiders want to send over photos, video, or even the device itself before the “Late Q3 2009” presumed release timeframe, we’d be mighty glad to be proven wrong.

Update: Like they say, when it rains, it pours. CrackBerry just posted another purported shot, but the possibility of this being real is highly unlikely. Apparently, the mic hole in the original pic is a clear sign that this is just a ‘shopped 8800 — and now in this latest “leaked shot,” it’s gone. So, chalk another one up for those crazy jokesters that have a little too much time on their hands, because it looks like this one was a bit too good to be true.

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TetherBerry: The extremely easy BlackBerry tethering app

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By Matt Burns,


Tethering a mobile phone to a laptop was once was a laborious adventure into the depths of forums and hack sites. Eventually though, the task become a bit easier with just a few settings on both the phone and the notebook, but TetherBerry makes it even easier. Like stupid easy.

TetherBerry has been in beta for a while now and set to go retail at 1pm PT today so you may wanna jump on the beta quick to give her a test drive. You will be impressed.

The tethering task is completed with a small app being installed on both the BlackBerry and the PC. Once both of these small programs are fired up, you’re done. There isn’t any settings that needs adjusting on either the PC or mobile. It just works, and it’s not terribly slow.

I saw a speed of 1403 kb/s up and 584 KB/s down while testing the app this morning which is totally acceptable by my standards. Google Chrome loaded the pages fast and it worked great. This is seriously the easiest solution available. It’s too bad that there isn’t a OS X release or Bluetooth mode, but we have to imagine that those are coming soon. Hopefully.

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Latest OS updates for BlackBerry Bold and 8900 leak out

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By Peter Ha,


Attention BlackBerry users-

Just wanted to let the Bold users know that the latest official OS, v4.6.0.414, has been released in Austria, but works with all carrier models. According to one BlackBerry Forum user this update seems to improve the browser and adds a bit of extra memory among other things. You can grab 414 here, but if you’re not sure what you’re doing then follow the instructions here.

If you’re using the 8900 then you may want to upgrade to 174 (Megaupload via Berry Review) but 168 is pretty good. We’ll see what’s new with 174 and get back to you.

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Myspace for BlackBerry gets updated to v1.5

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By Greg Kumparak,


Not looking the soon-to-be-released Facebook for BlackBerry v1.5 get all the glory, Myspace has gone and loosed v1.5 of their own application. Our BlackBerry handset is giving us all sorts of trouble right now, so we’re not having any luck testing it out for ourselves – so let us know in the comments how it is.

What’s new:

· Friend Updates: Users can now view their MySpace Friend Updates from within the application, and click on a thumbnail of a photo in the Friend Updates to be taken to a full screen version

· Enhanced updates and messaging: Instantaneous mobile notifications and messaging (no lag time between receiving a message online and on mobile). Users can also save a composed message/bulletin as a draft, delete and open a saved draft message to edit/send the message, and view or hide sent items

· Enhanced band profiles: Bands can add tour dates and more profile bits to their profiles, like Upcoming Shows (displays more details on the show such as venue, date, address and cost)

· Support for French, German, Italian and Spanish languages

Grab the new app at if you’re on your BlackBerry, or if you’d rather get it through your desktop.

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No $.99 BlackBerry Apps for you (prices start at $2.99)

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By Brad Linder,


Research in Motion is in the process of launching an app store that will let users purchase and download software directly from their Blackberry mobile devices. You know, kind of like the iPhone App Store. But for BlackBerry.

But there’s at least one thing setting the BlackBerry App World store apart from the competition: prices will start at $2.99. The companies has released a FAQ for developers explaining the pricing tiers. And it looks like you’ll be able to find free apps in the store. But the suggested pricing for paid apps starts at $2.99 and goes up to $999.99.

Now, it’s possible that these prices aren’t written in stone. RIM does refer to them as “suggested retail prices.” But it’s also possible that this is RIM’s way of ensuring that the company’s app store isn’t filled with frivolous apps like the fart app craze that has recently overtaken Apple’s app store.

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BlackBerry Application Center redubbed as BlackBerry App World

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By Greg Kumparak –


Way back in October of 2008, RIM announced that they’d be joining in on the App Store game with the launch of an application outlet of their own. While it has yet to see the light of day, RIM is announcing that at least one thing has since been finalized: the name. The temporary “BlackBerry Application Center” moniker has been abandoned, with RIM instead opting for “BlackBerry App World”. Kind of a step down, in our opinion.

Yeah, yeah; a rose by any other name, yada yada. But seriously – BlackBerry App World? Why not just go with “Apps n’ Things” or “Apps, Bath, and Beyond” instead? BlackBerry devices tend to emit an aura of professionalism, and this new name just seems a bit.. silly.

The BlackBerry Developers page will see an update around 7 pm (PST) this evening to reflect the changes. At the same time, RIM will be opening up a notification sign up list at (Note: This page is currently dead) for folks who want an alert as soon as the BlackBerry Application Center App World goes live.

A cheesy name deserves an equally cheesy nickname – from here on out, we’ll be calling it “Blappworld”.

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BlackBerry Pearl 8230 flips its way into the FCC’s heart

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By Chris Ziegler


In the unlikely event that you needed a few final shreds of evidence to be convinced that the CDMA version of the BlackBerry Pearl flip — the 8230 — is real, feast your eyes on this heavy reading. Just-approved FCC documents show a device outline that can only be described as that of a clamshell, and sure enough, the SAR report indicates CDMA and EV-DO on the 850 and 1900MHz bands, so yeah, if this isn’t the 8230, we can’t imagine what it’d be. The timing on this development really couldn’t be any better since we’re expecting it to hit both Verizon and Telus in the near term, so quick show of hands: who’s buying?

Source: engadgetmobile

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BlackBerry 9630 is the Niagara, Verizon World Edition?

Posted on March 1, 2009. Filed under: Mobile World | Tags: , , , , |

By The Boy Genius


So… we’ve just got word from a really trusted source, dropping bombs all around on the BlackBerry “Niagara”. First off, the model number we’re told is the BlackBerry 9630, not 8930 or 9030, or anything like that. Second, the phone will definitely be a Verizon World Edition with support for CDMA 1x, EV-DO Rev. A, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, and UMTS, though we’d bet the UMTS band is going to be 2100MHz only. The last of the big news won’t surprise any Verizon-haters, but this bad beast is not going to have Wi-Fi. Oh man, they never learn, do they? To recap everything for you slow pokes:

• The OS actually we’re told is 4.7.1 (but possibly, possibly, be OS 5.0 depending on launch date).
• No Wi-Fi.
• Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support along with WCDMA support (bands not specified, but most likely 2100MHz).
• CDMA 1x/EV-DO Rev. A device.
• Release date unknown, but we’d say May/June if we had to bet.
• 3.2 megapixel camera (though we heard a rumor there might be a camera-less version, but that’s unconfirmed).
• The web browser supports JavaScript 1.6 (not huge news, but at least the browser is slowly improving).

Now how many of you are going to buy one of these things when they are released? We think a whole lot of people are.

Source: boygeniusreport

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NTT DoCoMo’s overheating BlackBerry Bold not caused by battery, says RIM

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By Ross Miller


While RIM and Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo still don’t know why their BlackBerry Bold is feeling a little toasty around the keyboard, the duo has ruled out a likely culprit, the battery, as its unwelcome heat source. Word on the street is an estimated 30 people have issued complaints about the mobile device heating up while recharging, with around 4,000 units being sold before DoCoMo halted sales. One analyst speculates the issue — which so far has affected only Japan — may be based on region-specific software of other customizations. We’re sure the pair are working around the clock to get to the bottom of this malfunction, but in the meantime, we recommend dusting off the ol’ 8707h to get that retro BlackBerry feel — y’know, just for kicks.

Source: engadget

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$5 off BeejiveIM for BlackBerry

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By Jeremy Kessel


Beejive has announced a $5 discount off its popular BeejiveIM for BlackBerry app (regularly $19.95) in an effort to thank its “loyal BlackBerry community.” The sale starts tonight at midnight and lasts until midnight (PST) on Sunday, March 1.

They’re also lopping 5 bucks off the device-independent license, if you’re the type to carry around a backpack full of handsets:

In addition to the BeejiveIM for BlackBerry device license being available at a $5.00 discount, the user license will also be available for only $24.95, down from $29.95. The user license is for use on one BlackBerry device at a time but can be transferred to other BlackBerrys for free, allowing users to bring their license with them as they change models.

BeejiveIM for BlackBerry supports AIM®/iChat®/MobileMe®, MSN®/Windows Live®, Yahoo!®, MySpace, GoogleTalk®, SameTime®, ICQ®, and Jabber instant messaging services. We’re hearing that a notable update to the BlackBerry client is on the horizon, and that it won’t cost current owners a penny – so if you were considering buying your way in with the next release, might as well get it at a discount.

Source: mobilecrunch

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Early info about the Verizon-bound BlackBerry 8230 Niagara

Posted on February 20, 2009. Filed under: Mobile World | Tags: , , |

by Matt Burns


You didn’t think Verizon was going to let the craptacular BlackBerry Storm stay around as VZW’s top BlackBerry, did ya? Hells no. The upcoming 8230 Niagara should take that spot when it drops in May according to our and BGR’s source. It seems that the 8230 is going to be a cross between the Bold and Curve 8900 with the physical size coming in between as well. If the rumored specs are true, this BlackBerry will be killer.

We’ve got:
•  480×360 screen resolution
•  EV-DO Rev A
•  aGPS
•  3.2MP camera (with flash?)
•  Qualcomm MSM7600 624 MHz CPU
•  4.7 Operating system

As soon as a firm release date and price drops in our tips box, we’ll pass it along.

Source: mobilecrunch

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Latest Google Maps update unlocks BlackBerry Storm’s GPS

Posted on February 19, 2009. Filed under: Google, Internet, Mobile World | Tags: , |

by Peter Ha


Woohoo! I just sent my Storm to Matt, so I can’t verify this, but I’m sure it’s legit. The latest update to Google Maps for BlackBerrys, 3.0.2, is now compatible with the Storm’s GPS. In case you haven’t updated in a while this latest round includes Latitude, too. Now go get it!

Via: BerryReporter

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