“Kijiji” Isn’t Kutting It. How about eBay Classifieds?

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By Erick Schonfeld

ebay-classifiedeBay is having second thoughts about how easy it will be to spread the Kijiji brand in the U.S. The company is testing out the name “eBay Classifieds” in two cities, San Antonio and Pittsburgh. A letter sent out to Kijiji members states:

We here at Kijiji thought it made a lot of sense to start using the eBay brand name. After all, we are part of the eBay family and we are a classifieds site…so “eBay Classifieds” just seemed like a good idea.

Maybe it also has something to do with the “j”s and “i”s blending together beyond recognition in “Kijiji.” It’s not just the name that needs work. The number of visitors to Kijiji sites worldwide was up only 7 percent in January to 23.2 million, while Craigslist grew six times faster and widened the gap. It ended January with 41.4 million unique visitors (comScore numbers).

In the U.S., Kijiji is experiencing much stronger growth, but its 3.7 million unique visitors in January is only a tenth of that of Craigslist (which had 39.4 million U.S. unique visitors). A year ago, Kijiji vowed to become No. 1 in the U.S. It is still far from that goal. And Oodle, which just signed a deal to power Facebook’s classifieds (in addition to MySpace’s and AOL’s), is catching up from below.

Kijiji is going to need more than a name change to challenge Craigslist.


Source: techcrunch

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After MySpace And Facebook, Oodle To Power Brand New AOL Classifieds

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by Robin Wauters

oodleClassifieds aggregation service provider Oodle is on a roll and definitely one of the startups worth following closely this year. After signing up two social networking juggernauts – both MySpace and Facebook – the company is now apparently also behind the just launched AOL Classifieds platform, per blog post by Greg Sterling.

The news comes right after a significant financing round announced earlier this month, when 3 VC firms invested $5.6 million in the company, bringing the total in funding raised to a healthy $21.6 million. Meanwhile, its traffic continues to surge (see Crunchbase profile for some upward-pointing visitor number graphs).

I would be very surprised if Oodle ends 2009 without being acquired for a price that puts a big smile on the faces of their investors.

For context, from the release:

AOL Classifieds is expected to serve as a platform for sellers to promote their listings by leveraging the reach of Oodle’s network of more than 250 partner sites.Buyers can expect to find deals with access to more than 40 million listings aggregated from more than 80,000 different sites. In addition, AOL Classifieds links consumers directly to classifieds listings on other properties within the AOL network, including AOL Autos, AOL Jobs, AOL Personals, and AOL Real Estate.

AOL Classifieds is the latest addition to the AOL Local Network, which is an online local network with a monthly reach of 54 million unduplicated unique visitors.In addition to the launch of AOL Classifieds in the U.S., a site for Canada is also available beginning today. An AOL Classifieds site for the UK will be launching later this week.

aol oodle

Source: techcrunch

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Google Shows Healthy January Growth In U.S. Search Volume

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by Erick Schonfeld

Google saw healthy growth in the number of search queries on its core U.S. search engine in January, according to comScore qSearch numbers that came out last night. Google’s query growth rate was 38.4 percent, compared to January, 2008, outpacing the industry’s overall 28.6 percent growth in search queries. Any way you slice it, people are still doing more and more searches, which suggests that the search market is far from saturated.

Compared to December, Google’s query growth rate slowed down slightly (from 42.8%). Yahoo, on the other hand, is the one standout among the major search engines in that its annual growth in search queries accelerated from 17.2 percent in December to 21.6 percent in January. All the other search engines saw a slowdown. (See first table below).

This resulted in Yahoo gaining half a percentage point in overall query market share to 21.0 percent, while Google’s market share dropped by the exact same amount month-over-month to 63.0 percent. Compared to a year ago, however, Google’s market share is still up 4.5 percentage points. (See second table below).

Beyond the core search engines, YouTube generated an estimated 2.92 billion searches in January, up 68 percent from the year before, and slightly up 2.4 percent from December. YouTube represents 24.9 percent of Google’s total searches, and on its own is a s big as Yahoo.

Y/Y Growth In Core U.S. Search Queries, January 2009 (Source: comScore qSearch)

Google 38.4%
Yahoo 21.6%
Microsoft 11.3%
Ask 4.6%
AOL 1.1%

U.S. Core Search Share, January 2009 (Source: comScore qSearch)

Google 63.0% -0.5% m/m +4.5% y.y
Yahoo 21.0% +0.5% m/m -1.2% y/y
Microsoft 8.5% +0.2% m/m -1.3% y/y
AOL 3.9% -0.1% m/m -1.0& y/y
Ask 3.7% -0.2% m/m -0.8% y/y

Click on the image below for a larger table showing stats going back a full year (courtesy of Douglas Anmuth at Barclays Capital).


Source: techcrunch

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Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL search up; Google down

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by Dawn Kawamoto

Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL each carved out a little more U.S. search market share in January, but Google still had the biggest piece of the pie, according to a report Wednesday by ComScore.

Yahoo Web sites accounted for 21 percent of the market (up half a percent) compared to the month before, while Microsoft grabbed an 8.5 percent slice (up 0.2 percent), and AOL nabbed 3.9 percent of the market (a 0.1 percent increase).

Google, while still holding the largest slice of the market by far, accounted for 63 percent of the search industry in January, down half a percent.

One interesting observation from Silicon Alley Insider is Yahoo’s consecutive five-month run in posting modest monthly gains in U.S. search market share.

In August, for example, Yahoo’s market share stood at 19.7 percent, according to SIA. But in the past five months, it has steadily grown, garnering more than a 1 point increase during that time.

Source: news.cnet.com

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Tech Layoffs Surge to 300,000

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Tech Layoff

Layoffs in the tech sector are accelerating. It took exactly three weeks for tech layoffs to surge to 300,000, according to our Layoff Tracker. Since late January, when the tracker hit 200,000 layoffs, another 100,000 job eliminations have been announced or completed. In contrast, it took five weeks for layoffs in the tech industry to hit the 200,000 mark, and four months for layoffs to hit 100,000 last December. The total number of layoffs since we began tracking since the financial crisis began in late August is 300,093.

The past few weeks have particularly brutal for the technology space, with substantial layoffs announced by Pioneer (10,000), Cisco (3,000), Panasonic (15,000), NEC (20,000), Electronic Arts (1100) and AOL (700). Even Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal, who both managed to avoid layoffs in the past few months, were forced to make cuts to their workforces. And Google, who was immune to layoffs until late January, continued giving pink-slips in the past three weeks with the company’s exit from radio. Sadly, a few start-ups weren’t able to weather the storm, with eBaum’s World cutting all of its workforce.

Obviously the tech industry is not immune to the current economic climate, and if the past three weeks are any indication, things could still get worse for the tech space before they get better. Maybe that economic stimulus plan will help turn the tide.

If you know of any layoffs at a tech company, please submit a tip with the name of the company and number of layoffs. If it’s been covered, also send a link to the blog post or news article. (For who is hiring, check out our job board).

Below is a list of late January and February layoffs from our tracker:

Total Layoffs: 426

Total Employees: 300,093

Company Date Location # % Source

Sapient February 14, 2009 BANGALORE 300 8% THE TIMES OF INDIA
Google (Audio Ads) February 12, 2009 Mountain View, CA 40 Google Blog
Pioneer February 12, 2009 worldwide 10,000 25% Reuters
Nokia February 12, 2009 Finland 625 Business-Standard
AMCC February 12, 2009 100 17% Yahoo
NetApp February 9, 2009 USA 480 6% U. K. Register
Cisco February 5, 2009 San Jose, CA 3,000 4% BusinessWeek
Wall Street Journal, News Corp. February 5, 2009 New York, NY 14 2% PaidContent.org
LA Times, The Tribune Co. February 5, 2009 Los Angeles, CA 300 LA Times
About.com February 5, 2009 New York, NY 19 10% Rueters
Panasonic February 4, 2009 Tokyo, Japan 15,000 5% Bloomberg
THQ February 4, 2009 Agoura Hills, CA 600 24% SIlicon Alley Insider
Electronic Arts February 3, 2009 Redwood City, CA 1,100 11% TechTrader Daily
Bloomberg February 3, 2009 New York, NY 100 Reuters
The Walt Disney Co. January 31, 2009 New York, NY 200 5% LA Times
eBaum’s World January 31, 2009 San Francisco, CA 13 NewTeeVee
Broadcom January 30, 2009 Worldwide 200 3% scoalTECH
NEC January 30, 2009 Wordwide 20,000 7% NYT
Zazzle January 30, 2009 Redwood City, CA 40 15% TechCrunch
Freescale January 30, 2009 Worldwide 2,400 10% Austin American Statesman
Hitachi January 30, 2009 Worldwide 7,000 BBC
Sierra Wireless January 29, 2009 Vancouver, BC 56 10% Fierce Wireless
Teradyne January 29, 2009 North Reading, MA 532 14% Boston.com
Toshiba January 29, 2009 Tokyo, Japan 4,500 EETimes
Nexon Games January 28, 2009 Vancouver, BC, Canada 90 100% Gamasutra
AOL January 28, 2009 New York, NY 700 10% TechCrunch
Citrix January 28, 2009 10% Reuters
SAP January 28, 2009 Walldorf, Germany 3,000 6% SAP
Parametric Technology Corp (PTC) January 28, 2009 250 5% Reuters.com
Skyworks January 28, 2009 Woburn, MA 150 4% StreetInsider.com
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati January 27, 2009 Palo Alto, CA 113 8% LAw.com
STMicroelectronics January 27, 2009 4,500 EETimes
IBM January 26, 2009 Armonk, NY 2,850 1% WSJ
Texas Instrument January 26, 2009 Dallas 3,400 12% EETimes
Sprint Nextel January 26, 2009 Overland Park, Kansas 8,000 14% Bloomberg
Philips January 26, 2009 Amsterdam, Netherlands 6,000 5% AP
Fox Interactive Media January 26, 2009 Los Angeles, CA 100 5% TechCrunch
Unisys January 26, 2009 Global 1,300 4% Computing.co.uk

Source: techcrunch

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