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March 2009 Layoffs

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By Klaus Kneale

Layoffs for March 2009 at America’s 500 largest public companies*:

Mar. 13: PPG Industries (nyse: PPGnewspeople ) lowers first-quarter expectations and lays off 2,500.

Mar. 13: Sunoco (nyse: SUNnewspeople ) fires 750 salaried workers–about a fifth of its workforce.

Mar. 12: Weyerhaeuser (nyse: WYnewspeople ) cuts 59 workers at a mill in Oregon.

Mar. 11: AMR (nyse: AMRnewspeople ) dismisses 323 flight attendants in response to travel slump.

March 10: Lowe’s (nyse: LOWnewspeople ) closes lighting and ceiling fan distribution center; fires 82.

March 10: Principal Financial Group (nyse: PFGnewspeople ) cuts 60 jobs in its health arm (20 at headquarters).

March 10: Suffering from plummet in building and aerospace sectors, United Technologies (nyse: UTX – news – people ) reduces workforce by 5% (11,600 jobs globally).

March 6: Deere & Co. (nyse: DE – news – people ) fires 325 employees at plants in Iowa on weak construction equipment demand.

March 4: Northrop Grumman (nyse: NOC – news – people ) targets administrative positions in California with 750-worker layoff.

March 4: Heil–a subsidiary of Dover (nyse: DOV – news – people ) that makes waste and recycling trucks–cuts 180 jobs.

March 4: General Dynamics (nyse: GD – news – people ) pink-slips 1,200 as turbulence in the aerospace sector continues.

March 3: U.S. Steel (nyse: X – news – people ) closes two plants in Ontario, affecting 1,500 jobs and sparking frustration in Canadians over “U.S. protectionism.”

March 3: FirstEnergy (nyse: FE – news – people ) reduces non-union staff by 4% (335 workers) to reduce costs.

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Tech Job Listings Decline, Data Confirms The Obvious

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By Michael Arrington,


The unemployment rate in the U.S. continues to trend up, and the tech sector certainly hasn’t been spared from the overall economic turmoil.

We’ve noticed a general downward trend in our monthly tech job listings on CrunchBoard over the last year, too, which confirms what is already obvious – there’s less hiring going on out there.

A year ago 100 – 120 job listings were added to CrunchBoard each month (which is consistent with the previous year’s trend of a steady 100+ listings/month). The number of new listings gradually declined and then fell significantly in November 2008, dropping from 68 to 37 listings. Things bottomed out in December with 22 listings, and have edged back up slightly since then (but certainly not enough to call it a turnaround).

We haven’t changed promotion of the site over the last year or changed the listing price, which would affect the data. Traffic to TechCrunch sites has risen steadily over this period.

CrunchBoard is a tiny site compared to Monster, Craigslist and others, and this data isn’t statistically relevant at all. But we’ll continue to share it to add to the data that’s available on the state of things during this troubled time.

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Chrysler cuts 1200 workers in Windsor, 90,000 fewer minivans expected

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By Chris Shunk –


Chrysler is cutting a shift at its Windsor minivan plant in response to slowing sales and a dreadful global economy. The plant will cease its third shift as early as June 24 and 1,200 workers will lose their source of income. The move will directly affect those with 13 total years of service or less. The shift reduction comes after the Pentastar temporarily shuttered the plant for half of December and all of January, followed by a two-weeks-on, one-week-off production cadence. The shift reduction will result in 90,000 fewer Chrysler minivans rolling off the line each year.

The Canadian Auto Workers union is reeling from this latest setback, but the 1,200 layoffs is just a fraction of the losses in Windsor over the past year. Windsor’s unemployment rate is now at 10.9%, and the city expects to lose another 1,200 auto jobs when General Motors shutters its transmission plant next year.

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Vanno’s Watchdog Index Keeps Companies Honest With ReputationCheck

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By Leena Rao


is ranked #492 out of 5811 companies.

Best Companies

1.  Cisco Systems

2.  Toyota

3.  Whole Foods

4.  Unilever

5.  Texas Instruments

Worst Companies

1.  Nintendo

2.  Carnival Corp.

3.  Syngenta

4.  Compass Group

5.  Pemex

Click here to see more >

Social evaluation platform Vanno launched a widget application of its real-time company reputation index called ReputationCheck. Vanno’s platform allows customers and others to share stories about their personal experiences with a particular company, submit news articles they’ve read about companies, fill out surveys and comment on companies. Vanno then quantifies this dialogue and information into an index using Bayesian algorithms (the same statistical methods used to filter spam and detect credit card fraud). The company’s index measures the reputation of more than 5,800 companies worldwide.

Vanno’s reputation index was recently brought into the public light when Vanno quantified the damage Kellogg’s brand sustained after the company pulled the plug on Michael Phelps’s sponsorship following the swimmer’s marijuana photo fiasco. Vanno’s data suggested that Kellogg’s reputation plummeted after its decision, falling even further on the index than when the company had to recall products after this year’s peanut butter salmonella scare.

ReputationCheck, the index’s embeddable widget, shows a company’s real-time reputation rank and compares the rank to the best and worst companies relative to customer and employee satisfaction, community involvement, the environment, patriotism and social responsibility. The widget can be used in a post or in the sidebar of a site. Considering all of the various inputs of the index, the ranking system cannot be deemed as 100 percent authoritative. But it certainly is a measure of the public’s perception of a company. (Contrast to Glassdoor, another reputation service from employees’ point of view). While the index widget could be useful to bloggers and writers to show one measure of a reputation of a company, its probably best not to rely upon ReputationCheck as the final arbiter of a company’s standing.

Here’s the index for Google, which ranks highly


is ranked #28 out of 5811 companies.

Source: techcrunch

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Apple Tells Shareholders That Jobs Will Return

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For the last nine months, Apple has refused to get into specifics about the well-being of its chief executive, Steven P. Jobs, even as he said last month that he was taking a six-month leave of absence to deal with health problems.

On Wednesday, the company’s shareholders had their chance to press for more information — but they did not get far.

At its annual shareholder meeting here on Apple’s corporate campus, run by the chief operating officer, Timothy D. Cook, the company responded to inquiries about Mr. Jobs by saying that he still planned to return to the company in June.

“He is deeply involved in all strategic matters and has delegated day-to-day authority to Tim Cook and his team,” said Arthur D. Levinson, a co-lead director of Apple and the chief executive of Genentech. “That’s where it stands.”

Mr. Levinson said that Apple’s board regularly discussed the matter of succession at the company and that “if there is new information we deem of import to disclose, that will happen.”

Daniel Cooperman, Apple’s general counsel, declined to answer a question about a reported investigation by securities regulators into how Apple has handled the disclosure of information about Mr. Jobs’s condition.

At the meeting, shareholders approved the re-election of Apple’s eight-member board, which includes Mr. Jobs, Al Gore and Google’s chief executive, Eric E. Schmidt. All of the board members were present except for Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Jobs.

Shareholders also voted down a proposal, offered by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union, that would have given investors an advisory vote each year on the pay packages for top executives. Congress is considering mandating a similar measure.

Apple’s response to questions about Mr. Jobs’s condition did not satisfy some shareholders. Brandon Rees, a representative of the A.F.L.-C.I.O. Reserve Fund, who raised the issue during a question-and-answer session at the meeting, said afterward that the company needed to say more about an issue that could clearly affect its stock price.

“I was disappointed by the fact that the board was not more transparent about the health of Mr. Jobs in addition to a succession plan,” Mr. Rees said.

But other shareholders said that Mr. Jobs was entitled to some amount of privacy, even as they lamented his absence.

“I came to see if he was here,” said Steven Winegarden, a longtime shareholder. “I do believe he has made a very significant contribution over the last 12 years, and it will be very difficult for someone else to capture the attention of everybody in the same way.”

At one point, Apple shareholders acknowledged Mr. Jobs’s 54th birthday, which was Tuesday, by standing and singing “Happy Birthday.”

Source: NYTimes

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Nortel to Cut Another 3,200 Jobs

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The telecommunications equipment maker Nortel Networks said Wednesday that it would cut its work force by 3,200 jobs worldwide.

The company, based in Canada, said the new round of job cuts would be made over the next several months. The reduction is on top of 1,800 job cuts already announced.

Earlier this month, Nortel received a bankruptcy protection extension until May 1 from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. It filed for creditor protection Jan. 14 in Canada and the United States, and got an initial 30-day protection period.

The company also said its board had approved management’s recommendation to eliminate bonuses for 2008. Nortel Networks said it was seeking Canadian court approval to end its equity-based compensation plans.

Nortel employs about 30,000 people around the world, including 5,800 at Canadian operations in Ottawa and Toronto.

Facing a sharp drop in orders from phone companies, Nortel used the bankruptcy filings to buy time to explore restructuring options like selling off assets.

During the 1990s telecommunications and Internet boom, Nortel had more than 95,000 employees. At one point in 2000 it accounted for a third of the market value on the entire Toronto Stock Exchange.

Source: NYTimes

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Kindle 2 going international

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By John Biggs

green-chairsjpgIf this job posting by, Amazon’s secret hardware skunkworks, is any indication there will be an International version of the Kindle sooner than later.

The candidate will be a senior and experienced software engineer or manager with a background in wireless. You will have worked on one or more baseband /radio solutions for wireless devices. You will have led or managed a SW development team and be proficient a recruiting and selecting top engineers. You will have a complete understanding of the communication stack from layer1 and drivers through protocol and framework. As the first person in this team, as well as recruiting up to four engineers through 2009 you will need to be a self-starter and hands-on to be able to set up the tool chain and development environment to start work before your team is on board.

Note that this doesn’t specifically mention overseas implementation but it does describe Wi-Fi and 3G, two technologies which are decidedly not Sprint’s WhisperNet US-based CDMA network. Also note the requirement… “This position will require international travel.”

Submit your resume now! You can get the Kindle 3 before all of us and you can sit in the green chairs.

Source: crunchgear

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Spansion Cuts 3,000 Employees, 35% of Work Force

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Troubled flash memory maker Spansion Inc. (NASDAQ:SPSN) said late Monday it will slash its global work force by 35 percent, affecting about 3,000 employees, mostly at manufacturing sites.

The move comes as Sunnyvale-based Spansion, one of the world’s largest makers of flash memory chips used in digital cameras and other gadgets, is cutting costs amid a company-wide restructuring effort and exploring a possible sale.

“The global recession is forcing us to make this very difficult decision in order to bring our costs in line with the current expectations for significantly reduced revenues,” said John Kispert, Spansion president and chief executive, in a statement.

The job cuts are expected to cost $25 million during the first half of 2009, but generate annual cash cost savings of approximately $225 million.

Spansion began as a joint venture between Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (NYSE:AMD) and Fujitsu Ltd. in 1993. Its flash memory products are integrated into a variety of electronic devices such as cell phones, high-definition TVs and set-top boxes.

In January, Spansion said it would restructure its balance sheet and seek a sale or merger. Chief Executive Bertrand Cambou was recently replaced by John Kispert, the former president of KLA-Tencor Corp. (NASDAQ:KLAC) Earlier this month Spansion’s Japanese unit filed for bankruptcy, and on Monday Taiwan-based ChipMOS, a provider of chip testing and assembly services, said it terminated its contract with Spansion LLC over the company’s default on $29 million out of $73 million in trade debt.

Spansion shares have been steadily declining over the past three years, peaking in the mid-double-digit range in 2006 but falling to $3.70 by last spring. As the recession has reduced consumer demand for the electronics which use Spansion’s chips, the stock has tumbled further, closing Monday at 5 cents.

The news comes the same day that fellow chip maker Micron Technology (NYSE:MU) announced it will slash as many as 2,000 workers by the end of August and phase out certain manufacturing operations at its Boise, Idaho facility, amid the weak economy and lower demand for its DRAM memory chips.

Source: NYTimes

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Microsoft Asks Some Laid Off Workers To Send Back Part Of Their Severance

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by Jason Kincaid

msmoneyTalk about adding insult to injury. Apparently Microsoft has inadvertently overpaid severance to some of its recently laid off employees, and is now asking for some of the money back. It’s unclear how many of the 1,400 employees laid off last month were affected, but we’ve confirmed that it wasn’t a single isolated incident (we’ve contacted Microsoft for a response). We’re also hearing that some employees may have been underpaid as well.

While the payroll error must be irritating in and of itself to these laid off workers (severance is a sensitive subject), it appears that Microsoft HR isn’t even bothering to explain how it happened (employees are instructed to call the office, which is closed for the weekend, if they want to know the details). Given that it was Microsoft HR that screwed this up in the first place, you’d think they’d at least include the calculations they made and point out where the error took place.


Source: techcrunch

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Nokia Cutting Up To 30 From UK Advertising Team

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By Robert Andrews

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) is set to cut up to 30 staff from the UK advertising sales team for its Nokia Interactive Advertising group, which debuted a year ago. The handset maker claims 100 million eyeballs and 10 percent click-through rates for its Nokia Media Network, which is served up through publishers including Telegraph, Trinity Mirror (LSE: TNI) and Reuters and some of Nokia’s own online services including, MOSH and Widsets.

But its statement (via NMA) suggests it’s finding it harder to win advertisers or new publishing partners in the down economy: “As part of its ongoing business review, Nokia has decided that the Nokia Interactive Advertising division should refocus its ad sales and other activities solely on Nokia services, together with some major third-party publishers. As a result of this there will unfortunately be some job losses in the UK office. The worst-case scenario in the UK is that up to 30 people will go, and that’s over half the head count. Nokia is reviewing its business needs and focusing on core needs.”

Trinity Mirror told NMA it’s still on board with Nokia, which isn’t getting out of the advertising business altogether: “Nokia continues to believe that advertising will remain a key revenue generator for the future of internet services, and Nokia Interactive Advertising will continue to offer brands ad opportunities across a growing range of Nokia services.”

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Tech Layoffs Surge to 300,000

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Tech Layoff

Layoffs in the tech sector are accelerating. It took exactly three weeks for tech layoffs to surge to 300,000, according to our Layoff Tracker. Since late January, when the tracker hit 200,000 layoffs, another 100,000 job eliminations have been announced or completed. In contrast, it took five weeks for layoffs in the tech industry to hit the 200,000 mark, and four months for layoffs to hit 100,000 last December. The total number of layoffs since we began tracking since the financial crisis began in late August is 300,093.

The past few weeks have particularly brutal for the technology space, with substantial layoffs announced by Pioneer (10,000), Cisco (3,000), Panasonic (15,000), NEC (20,000), Electronic Arts (1100) and AOL (700). Even Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal, who both managed to avoid layoffs in the past few months, were forced to make cuts to their workforces. And Google, who was immune to layoffs until late January, continued giving pink-slips in the past three weeks with the company’s exit from radio. Sadly, a few start-ups weren’t able to weather the storm, with eBaum’s World cutting all of its workforce.

Obviously the tech industry is not immune to the current economic climate, and if the past three weeks are any indication, things could still get worse for the tech space before they get better. Maybe that economic stimulus plan will help turn the tide.

If you know of any layoffs at a tech company, please submit a tip with the name of the company and number of layoffs. If it’s been covered, also send a link to the blog post or news article. (For who is hiring, check out our job board).

Below is a list of late January and February layoffs from our tracker:

Total Layoffs: 426

Total Employees: 300,093

Company Date Location # % Source

Sapient February 14, 2009 BANGALORE 300 8% THE TIMES OF INDIA
Google (Audio Ads) February 12, 2009 Mountain View, CA 40 Google Blog
Pioneer February 12, 2009 worldwide 10,000 25% Reuters
Nokia February 12, 2009 Finland 625 Business-Standard
AMCC February 12, 2009 100 17% Yahoo
NetApp February 9, 2009 USA 480 6% U. K. Register
Cisco February 5, 2009 San Jose, CA 3,000 4% BusinessWeek
Wall Street Journal, News Corp. February 5, 2009 New York, NY 14 2%
LA Times, The Tribune Co. February 5, 2009 Los Angeles, CA 300 LA Times February 5, 2009 New York, NY 19 10% Rueters
Panasonic February 4, 2009 Tokyo, Japan 15,000 5% Bloomberg
THQ February 4, 2009 Agoura Hills, CA 600 24% SIlicon Alley Insider
Electronic Arts February 3, 2009 Redwood City, CA 1,100 11% TechTrader Daily
Bloomberg February 3, 2009 New York, NY 100 Reuters
The Walt Disney Co. January 31, 2009 New York, NY 200 5% LA Times
eBaum’s World January 31, 2009 San Francisco, CA 13 NewTeeVee
Broadcom January 30, 2009 Worldwide 200 3% scoalTECH
NEC January 30, 2009 Wordwide 20,000 7% NYT
Zazzle January 30, 2009 Redwood City, CA 40 15% TechCrunch
Freescale January 30, 2009 Worldwide 2,400 10% Austin American Statesman
Hitachi January 30, 2009 Worldwide 7,000 BBC
Sierra Wireless January 29, 2009 Vancouver, BC 56 10% Fierce Wireless
Teradyne January 29, 2009 North Reading, MA 532 14%
Toshiba January 29, 2009 Tokyo, Japan 4,500 EETimes
Nexon Games January 28, 2009 Vancouver, BC, Canada 90 100% Gamasutra
AOL January 28, 2009 New York, NY 700 10% TechCrunch
Citrix January 28, 2009 10% Reuters
SAP January 28, 2009 Walldorf, Germany 3,000 6% SAP
Parametric Technology Corp (PTC) January 28, 2009 250 5%
Skyworks January 28, 2009 Woburn, MA 150 4%
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati January 27, 2009 Palo Alto, CA 113 8%
STMicroelectronics January 27, 2009 4,500 EETimes
IBM January 26, 2009 Armonk, NY 2,850 1% WSJ
Texas Instrument January 26, 2009 Dallas 3,400 12% EETimes
Sprint Nextel January 26, 2009 Overland Park, Kansas 8,000 14% Bloomberg
Philips January 26, 2009 Amsterdam, Netherlands 6,000 5% AP
Fox Interactive Media January 26, 2009 Los Angeles, CA 100 5% TechCrunch
Unisys January 26, 2009 Global 1,300 4%

Source: techcrunch

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