So long RealDVD, it’s been

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By Brad Linder, Downloadsquad

Real DVD

A US district Court has issued an injunction preventing RealNetworks from selling its RealDVD software. RealDVD is basically a DVD ripper, but unlike most applications that let you crack DVD copy protection and copy videos to your hard drive, RealDVD includes its own DRM scheme which prevents users from making multiple copies or watching ripped movies on another computer or portable device.

RealNetworks had been hoping that these restrictions would help the software survive against any legal claims. After all, the courts have a long history of deciding that you have a right to create backup copies of media you purchase for personal use. Unfortunately, the DCMA circumvents this right by declaring that you can’t use technology that circumvents copy-protection.

The long and short of it is that the court ruled against the company because its software violates the DCMA. It’s not clear whether RealNetworks will appeal the case. Honestly, I doubt there were throngs of people clamoring to buy copies of RealDVD at $30 a pop when there are plenty of free alternatives that don’t restrict what you can do with ripped movies.

But RealNetworks had been hoping to launch a version of the software that could be included on set-top boxes like DVD players that would allow users to insert a disc and save the data to a hard drive so they could browse through their movie collections and watch videos without swapping discs. And that’s a feature I could see people spending a few bucks for.

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OLED market set to skyrocket in 2011, says DisplaySearch

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By Darren Murph, Engadget


You’ve seen the prototypes tucked away in trade show corners, and you’ve seen the demise of existing generation technologies — it doesn’t take an industry expert to realize that the door is wide open for OLED to walk through. According to a new report from — who else? — industry experts, the OLED lighting market is set to boom in 2011, with OLED revenues expected to surpass PMOLED displays in the 2013 / 2014 time frame. Specifically in the OLED TV market, manufacturers are scrambling to assemble large-screen OLED TVs that are even close to affordable, and estimates we’ve personally heard put those on the market just after the next decade begins. Clearly, the biggest hindrance from OLED domination right now is the prohibitive pricing, but once those XEL-1s are given away inside King Size cereal boxes, we’ll really be onto something.

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Archos 5 Snap-on TV DVB-T tuner released

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By Nilay Patel, Engadget


Yes, it looks goofy as hell, but we’re sure Archos 5 owners aren’t complaining about the new Snap-on TV DVB-T accessory — not only will it allow you to watch live TV, it integrates with the DVR features of the unit to give you portable recording. Interestingly, although the Snap-on TV features dual tuners, they’re used to increase reception quality, not to allow viewing of one channel while recording another, which is a bit of a bummer. Still, we wouldn’t lean on this for hardcore DVR use anyway, so we’re guessing it won’t be a huge issue. ArchosLounge says it should be on sale in Europe in the next couple weeks for less than €60 ($76), and they’ve also got some in-the-wild pics, hit the read link to check ’em out.

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AMD’s ATI FirePro 2450 quad-display card

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By Joseph L. Flatley, Engadget


It’s a simple premise, and one that we wholeheartedly support: if a single display is good, two displays are doubleplusgood. AMD has always had our back in this regard, and now the company is back with further proof, in the form of a little something called the ATI FirePro 2450 video. This guy supports not two but four monitors, rocking either DVI or VGA, at up to 1920 x 1200 resolution, in a low profile form factor. The device includes support for DirectX 10.1, OpenGL 2.1 visual effects, and Microsoft Windows, and ships with 512MB of memory for $499. ATI points out that this device is aimed at “financial institutions,” possibly a gift for your sweetheart in the foreign exchange market?

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Keep your DVD library in order with Multiplex

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By Jay Hathaway, Downloadsquad

If you’ve got a huge movie collection, whether it’s physical DVDs and Blu-Rays or just movies ripped to a hard drive, Multiplex can help you keep track of all of them on your Mac. Its Leopard-like interface uses Apple’s latest Core Animation improvements and looks like an even more epic version of Cover Flow. Instead of a pile of CDs, like in iTunes, you’re looking at a wall of DVDs.multiplexapp

Multiplex is pretty sweet, but it’s not at version 1.0 yet, and there are areas where it could get sweeter. It will recognize DVDs when you insert them, up to a point. Although the search box is auto-populated with the name of the DVD, you still have to search by name or UPC for the right movie. Delicious Library creator Wil Shipley solved this problem by turning the built-in iSight into a barcode scanner. It will be interesting to see what Multiplex comes up with for quicker entry of DVDs.

Also, all the visual effects can be a drawback if your Mac isn’t top-of-the-line. My last-year’s-model Macbook choked a little bit once I got my library up to larger sizes. For serious movie fans with serious machines, though, the visual appeal alone makes Multiplex worth a look. The metadata search also works rather well, and it returned the movie I was looking for as the first result every time. Bottom line: if you’re a DVD collector, you can trust Multiplex to get the cataloguing job done.

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Two New Samsung Fabrizio PAVV PDP TVs

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By Daimaou, Akihabaranews


This morning Samsung Korea announced the 450 Series PAVV Fabrizio PDP Series (plasma). Available in both 42″ and 50” it features 600Hz Technology and Samsung’s Crystal Engine…

Unfortunately we’re still missing some key details like contrast ratio.

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Pure Digital (Flip Video) In Acquisition Discussions; Cisco May Be Buying

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By Michael Arrington,


San Francisco based Pure Digital Technologies, the seven year old company behind the Flip Video line of video cameras, is considering a sale of the company, multiple sources have confirmed. One interested buyer is rumored to be Cisco.

Flip cameras – dead simple and small video devices that are tailored towards users who want to upload video to the Internet – have become massively popular. One source says the company has sold more than $200 million worth of the tiny cameras in the last couple of years. Based on reviews of the recently released Flip Mino HD, we’re not surprised. The devices cost between $130 and $230 and have spawned a large group of copy cat competitors.

One potential buyer, says a source, is Cisco, which has been more active recently in acquisitions. Ned Hooper, Cisco’s chief M&A guy, is said to be actively looking to buy or invest in consumer startups that offer high-bandwith-using services. A hot startup like Flip, which is helping to fuel the explosion in user generated video (much of which makes its way online), fits in perfectly with that strategy.

The company is backed by Sequoia Capital, Benchmark Capital, Crescendo Ventures, Focus Ventures, Morgan Stanley, AllianceBernstein and Steamboat Ventures (the venture capital arm of the Walt Disney Company) and has raised at least $68 million in venture funding.

Update: We’re getting another source that says this “is a done deal,” that Cisco is confirmed as the buyer and that the price is “north of $500 million.” Founder and CEO Jonathan Kaplan is said to be taking around $80 million off the table personally. This hasn’t been confirmed.

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Sharp AQUOS DH77 Slimline LCD HDTV

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By Sze,


Sharp launches in the UK its new AQUOS DH77 series “Green” slimeline LCD HDTV that is eco-friendly. Available in serveral models, including the 32-inch LC32DH77E, 37-inch LC37DH77E. 42-inch LC42DH77E and 46-inch LC46DH77E. A 52-inch model will be released later.

The AQUOS DH77 features 1080p Full HD resolution, 30,000-50,000 contrast ratio depending on models, 100Hz (aka 120Hz) refresh rate and 4ms response time. All models offer 10bit Signal processing and have three HDMI inputs.

Sharp’s AQUOS DH77 series has DVB-T digital TV tuner built-in. They have a “Green” button on the their remote control that will avtivate the Energy Save Mode for lower power consumption. The price starts at GBP 649.

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Panasonic DMP-BV100 Portable 1Seg TV also a Blu-ray Player

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By Sze,


Panasonic offers in Japan its new DMP-BV100 portable 1Seg digital TV that serves also as a Blu-ray disc player. The player has four antennas for receiving 1Seg TV signals. Panasonic DMP-BV100 features a 8.9-inch Viera α-Si TFT LCD display, support for BD-Live, Ethernet connection, HDMI port, Viera Link and an SDHC card slot. It has YouTube playback function as well.

Like most Blu-ray players, the DMP-BV100 supports BD-R/RE, DVD Video, DVD-RAM, DVD+/-R/RW/DL and CD-R/RW. It can also play JPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVCHD, MPEG-4 H.64 SD Video from SDHC memory cards.

Panasonic DMP-BV100 measures 256mmx202mmx58.7mm and weighs 1507g. It will available in Black (DMP-BV100-K) in 15 March, in Japan.

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