Windows 7 RC build 7048

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By Lee Mathews,


Apart from implementing some of the previously announced changes in post-beta Windows 7 builds, Microsoft has clearly set their sites on providing a desktop environment that users can customize six ways from Sunday.

Don’t take the title too literally: build 7048 has definitely received plenty of attention under the hood. In my normal computing tasks, build 7048 feels more stable even more usable as an everyday OS. However, most of the updates aren’t very obvious. Subtle changes appear here and there, for example:

•  the glow on your taskbar button staying put when you mouse onto a taskbar thumbnail
• the increased number of items you can pin to your taskbar
• the start orb is slightly clearer and its glow is brighter
• Send Feedback links no longer appear in window title bars
• a slightly cleaned up Control Panel

One small but very welcome addition is that your Downloads folder can now be added to your panel via start menu customization. Prior to making this change, getting the folder on your list was far too cumbersome and required editing the registry.


More visible additions include a bevy of new wallpapers, new sound schemes, and a number of retouched icons. Apart from the Windows defaults, there are now 13 sound schemes to choose from and the wallpaper count is up to 31 from 14.


Of course, new wallpaper and new sound schemes mean new pre-built themes. There are two new choices – Architecture and Characters. True to its name, Architecture features images of houses and other structures, but Characters isn’t quite as accurately named. Its wallpapers are fairly abstract, with the exception of a pile of pink teddy bears. As with previous themes, both feature six wallpapers and default to displaying them as a slideshow.


And let’s not overlook all the features that can be turned off, as Brad mentioned in hist post last week. Couple that with the increased number of interface options that have appeared, and it’s obvious that Microsoft wants to ensure that Windows 7 will provide a comfortable and highly customizable desktop environment for its users.


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