Sony Experia Launching in Korea Next Week

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By Kevin (Kilmo) Kang, Cnet Asia

Finally, Experia is landed in Korea. One of the best smartphone developed by Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson opened their local office to launch it to Korean market and many of members hired from Sony Korea. It¡¯s good, since Sony Korea also squeeze their size of human resources in Korea by recent their HQ¡¯s situation.


Xperia is 2nd smartphone which came from overseas in 2009. HTC just launched their year old model ¡°Touch Diamond¡¯ a week ago. What are bed move from HTC or SKT mobile phone network provider who brings those phones from overseas, because, HTC just released next model of Touch Diamond at the MWC 2009.


Korean market was not a target market to those major mobile phone manufacturers until last year by WiPi restriction. But, this restriction going to be terminated from April, which great time to entering Korean market with their old smartphones since Smartphone market in Korea just generated and got consumers attention too. Big deal is there isn¡¯t many competitors even Korea has Samsung, LG and Pantech which known as giant mobile phone manufacturers in the world. However, they didn¡¯t really focused smartphones in Korea.

Samsung only released Blackjack, M470, Mirage and T-Omnia models in last 3 years and finally get some good feedbacks from market by T-Omnia. LG just joined this smartphone competition with mid-end model LG-KU2000 (Known as incite).

KTF another mobile phone network provider in Korea also planning to import iPhone (for years now¡¦).

Funny part is Korea always known as paradise of IT products especially portable IT gadgets lately but in Smartphone industry I have to say we are really get behind like a year at least.

All the overseas models which coming into Korea recently or ready to is year old or next model already been introduced from recent exhibitions. This is situation that I hate to be describe but, it¡¯s true and I guess those network providers let this happens to be come. They keep try to avoid WiFi features from those mobile phones and try to lack the network with their one infra¡¯s all the time. They start to change their mind after iPhone hit the markets and customer start to asking about the iPhone and smartphone it is.

Now, MID also start to picking up from customers in Korea and Smartphones also introducing at similar time frame here. What is the difference between those devices¡¦? I guess it will be the size of LCD and Operating Systems. Korean MID¡¯s based on X486 like WinXP but Smartphones are various ones. Let¡¯s see which device going to be live out in 2010.

Personally, smartphones will be going down in Korea or mixed with high-end feature phones in Korea and MIDs will take over that market in Korea.


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