Hey Wizard is low-color, magical platformer fun – Time Waster

Posted on February 28, 2009. Filed under: Tech News | Tags: , |

By Lee Mathews


Hey Wizard is fun little Flash Time Waster, though getting a decent screencap was a bit tricky. You’ll need both hands to work the controls, which led to several untimely deaths as I tried to snag an action shot.

As you already guessed, you control the short bearded fellow with the wand and pointy hat. Though your tiny mage can’t jump, he gets by just fine. Aim your wand at the ground, hold the left mouse button down to charge it up, and release it to fire. You’ll go rocketing off like a plastic bag in an updraft.

You’ve got other spells at your disposal, too, including a flame attack (which doubles as a way to hover) and the mysterious – but very useful – necrohand. Each spell has a recharge time, so don’t get caught wandering around firing off willy-nilly. Levels are somewhat open-ended, so there’s plenty of adventuring to be done and no shortage of monochromatic baddies to dispatch.

Getting used to the controls and the game’s somewhat screwy physics can take time, but Hey Wizard is still a big slice of Friday fun.

Source: downloadsquad


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